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Compeer matches caring adults in one-to-one, co-equal friendships with people of the same gender who are in mental health recovery. We encourage volunteerism among…

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Being a Compeer is as simple as going for a walk, having a conversation, going to a movie or picking up the phone. Through…

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Because we don’t charge for services, our program depends on the generosity of individuals and community partners to support our services for adults, older…

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About Compeer

The Compeer Program of Suburban Philadelphia has been making new friends for adults in mental health recovery since 1991.  We are one of many programs in United States, Australia and Canada.

We match caring, trained volunteers with adults in one-on-one, same-gender, co-equal friendships in Delaware County. We accept written referrals from local mental health care providers and their support programs.

Being a friend is a simple as sharing your interests.

CompeerCORPS is a support program networked for veterans who can benefit from a veteran peer mentor and other community relationships. Veteran volunteer mentors are matched with a veteran based on interests, age-range, military service and gender.

The program has the following goals:

     *Enhance a positive return to civilian life after military service.

     *Reduce dependency on emergency services.

     *Improve connectedness and self-worth. 

     *Reduce stigma through friendship.

     *Create wellness for veterans on the road of recovery.



The Untold Valor: Veterans Recovery In Action podcast focuses on veterans with stories of courage, recovery, perseverance, and strength. Veterans share their perspectives on what it is like to battle mental health challenges, combat addictions, and overcome other adversities unique to those who served. Experts experienced in working with veterans present information and practical tools to help with the recovery journey. Our mission is to reach veterans with a message of recovery and hope. We also desire that every listener who is not a veteran learn more about the aftereffects of military service and find new ways to support and honor those who served.

CompeerCORPS podcast – “Untold Valor”



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